Salicylic Acid, A beta-hydroxy acid known for keratolytic and anti-inflammatory properties is a spectacular treatment for acne and skin that is prone to breakouts, but is also an effective treatment for a multitude of other skin issues. With appropriate use, it can help: 

  •  reduce excess oil
  • kill the p. acnes bacteria that contributes to occasional breakouts and cystic acne 
  • decrease inflammation in problematic skin

If you are looking to address sun-damage, rough or ruddy looking skin, acne, lines & wrinkles, pigmentation abnormalities and/or loss of elasticity, this is the peel for you.  Try one and see great results, or do a series of 5-10 for the best results.  

Circadia Dermafrost 12.5% Salicylic Acid Peel Facial

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