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Erica's European facials bring many years of experience to the table. She hand-picked each product and created her service menu with you, the discerning client, in mind. Most of her facials include steam, enzymes, light extractions, facial massage, customized serum and masque treatment and 100% pure aromatherapy. Erica wants you to enjoy every detail of your experience, please do not hesitate to inform her of your preferences and especially of any allergies you may have.  

Hale & Hush Sensitive Skin Facial  $115

A luxurious, instantly calming facial that is perfect for those with sensitive, rosacea-prone skin and patients undergoing oncology treatment. Not just for the chemically sensitive! This facial is results-driven for all skin types in need of brightening, nourishing, hydration and detoxification. Products are non-toxic and either fragrance-free or 100% naturally fragranced.

Pure Detox Facial  $125

An exceptional detoxifying treatment using award-winning skincare with certified organic botanicals! Mud from the Dead Sea​ and bentonite (naturally occurring from volcanic substance) clarifies and nourishes the skin, while Hippophae oil, Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba and Chamomile extracts improve skin elasticity and help prevent the formation of wrinkles.  Great for normal, combination, oily and acne-prone skin types.  


Earth MD CBD Facial  $165

Calming, Restoring, Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory. The ultimate plant-based skin treat. This facial uses premium clinical CBD products extracted from the hemp plant. 0.0% THC (non-physoactive). Great for all skin types. 

Collagen Facial  $165

Excellent for special occasions or as a follow-up facial after resurfacing (peel, microdermabrasion, etc.)  Collagen molecules are large and not easily absorbed-therefore, they do an excellent job of filling in lines and have superior hydrating performance. After a customized treatment protocol, the skin is then prepped with a specialty serum and wrapped with a Dr. Jeff's freeze-dried sheet of collagen for a velvety soft, smooth finish. For all skin types! This facial is also highly recommended for barrier repair or skin that feels raw or over-exposed to the elements. 

Green Envee Drench Luxe Facial  $115

Skin can be 'oil dry'.....'water dry'....or both 'oil and water dry'. This customized facial will give you the hydration you need while nourishing and replenishing vital nutrients. Green Envee plant-based, clean luxury skincare products are the hero of this lovely facial.  

Headache Relief Facial  $125

A Customized facial to fit your skincare needs, with an emphasis on headache relief. This full-length facial includes a peppermint scalp & temple massage as well as a clearing facial massage with pressure point therapy. 

Cocoa Bliss  $150

Deeply moisturizing and nourishing-a pampering treatment with emphasis on relaxation. Face, neck and shoulder massage. Our 100% pure, Dark Cocoa Extract Masque is formulated with anti-oxidant vitamins A & E, Collagen, Shea Butter, Safflower, Jojoba Oil, Kombucha, and Bladderwrack.

Back Facial  $150

A detoxifying facial for your back. Steam, exfoliation, extractions, mask treatment and massage of the back to clear and decongest. Baby soft you can feel confident when your back is exposed.  

Vitamin C Brightening Facial  $125

Vitamin C is a proven anti-aging skin hero, especially when it comes to treating fine lines and environmental damage. This facial includes customized exfoliation plus Illuminating enzyme treatment to gently slough away dulling surface debris, preparing to super-charge the skin with Green Envee's anti-oxidant 20% triple vitamin C treatment. 

Gentleman's Facial  $125 

A customized facial just for you. Simple, results oriented, pampering.


Green Envee FloraEssence 20% Peel with Facial  $130

An amazing combination of lactic acid and mandelic acid (derived from almonds)  and other chirally-correct ingredients to quickly increase cell-turnover. Results are clearer, brighter, improved skin texture, less noticeable lines, more even skin tone and a healthy noticeable radiance. You may or may not experience actual peeling and/or temporary redness with this beginner-level peel but the results are noticeable. As with any peel, a series of treatments bring the best results. Ask about our peel package. 


Nature Pure Salicylic Acid 35% Peel with Facial  $140

A gentle yet effective salicylic peel with an herbal blend of ginseng and yarrow, designed to unclog and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, even out sun-damaged and hyper-pigmented skin and improve skin tone and texture. This anti-inflammatory solution is especially beneficial for breakouts, acne and dermatitis skin concerns.  You may or may not experience actual peeling and/or temporary redness with this medium-level peel but the results are noticeable. As with any peel, a series of treatments bring the best results. Ask about our peel package. 

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