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Erica's Esthetics

All Natural, Non Toxic Skincare &
Mineral Makeup 

Meet Erica and discover
her reason for healthy skincare!


I'm Erica Neff-Griffin, owner and operator of Erica's Esthetics.

I received my esthetic license from the renowned Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics in 2002 and furthered my training at The Dermal Institute in Texas.


My skincare practice and growth continued while living in NYC the past 4 years and I added lash technician to my certifications.  


During the pandemic, my mother's 18-month fight against stage 4 lung cancer and my own health struggles with biotoxicity and severe chemical and fragrance intolerance ended my ability to work for a period of time. I began to understand the body on a deeper level. I studied detox pathways, and learned how personal care products affect not only our skin but our overall health.


An ear for what my clients want and an intuition about their individual needs guides me while treating conditions like rosacea, acne, prematurely aging or environmentally stressed skin. 


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